What is a Health Check?

A business with a great bookkeeping system operates like a well oiled machine. The accounts are well arranged, data entry is systematic and report are readily available.

Accountants love to do the tax return for a well maintained business and are able to spend more time on strategic advisory than cleaning up a bookkeeping mess.

What state is your bookkeeping in? Not sure? Our free gift to you is to run a simple health check on your accounting data file. We look for things like:

health check
  • Correct account codes being used
  • Bank accounts reconciled correctly
  • Errors that put the accounting file out and must be corrected by the accountant
  • GST, PAYG and Superannuation reporting errors

Once we have finished, we will hand you a report of your file. There will be no charge for this. If your bookkeeping is sailing along well, fantastic. If not, we may be able to help.