Rescue / Cleanup Jobs

A rescue job is required if your bookkeeping is more than three months old. If you are in any of the following situations, you will require a rescue job :

  • • Need to lodge outstanding BAS for months or years
  • • Behind in your superannuation contributions
  • • Behind in your tax return lodgement

Some people put off catching up on their lodgements in fear of the total bill from the ATO. It’s easy to think, ‘If they don’t know how much I owe, they can’t chase me for payment’. Unfortunately, though penalties may be applied to your account for every quarter your lodgements are overdue.


And these can really add up. The mental burden of being behind in your obligations can affect your business in more ways than you realise. Our recommendation is that you catch up on all the obligations you have by reporting your BAS and submitting your tax returns.

By doing this, you will stop further penalties accruing and we can request a repayment plan with the ATO that you can afford. You will be surprised at the amount of mental relief being up to date can provide.


We love helping people with their rescue jobs. It’s great to help someone get on top of their business finances. A cleanup job is one where your books may be in a mess. Your accounts are not accurate, your liabilities are incorrect and or/your bank account won’t balance.

We are specialists in bookkeeping and BAS. We can easily spot a mistake and as we know how the software works inside and out, we can find the quickest way to rectify anything. As advisors, we have access to a suite of tools in Xero that help cleanup files more quickly.

If you are not sure whether you need a cleanup job, book in for a FREE health check. We will advise you the state of your accounts and help you fix up the books so your profit and loss report will have real meaning.