You pay only $10 per month for Xero’s standalone Payroll solution. This includes FULL payroll such as:

  • Full Employee Management for 1-4 Employees
  • Payroll and Timesheet Entry
  • My Payroll App for employes
  • STP lodgements to the ATO
  • Calculates your gross pay, PAYG withholding, Superannuation, allowances, leave entitlements and more
  • Deduct child support payments, salary sacrifice super etc.
  • Complete Annual STP Reconciliation in the software
  • Lodge TFN’s to the ATO through your software

Plus, with Xero payroll, if you decide to upgrade to Xero Accounting at any time or need to increase your number of employees, just upgrade your subscription

The only difference between Xero Payroll for small employers and Xero payroll is Xero Auto Super is not included with this version. Super will calculate. You must use a separate clearing house to lodge and pay your super.

Setting up your new Xero Standalone Payroll system can be confusing if you are not professionally trained.

As Xero Certified Advisors, we are accredited Xero Payroll and Single Touch Payroll experts. We setup your Xero Payroll system correctly the first time, ensuring all the pay categories have the correct tax and super treatment and work with you to correctly set leave accruals up for all your employees.

Here’s a list of what we setup for your employees:

  • Enter your employee information
  • Invite your employees to My Payroll App so they can enter their own timesheets & view payslips
  • Lodge their TFN with the ATO
  • Create payrun calendar in Xero
  • Enter and correctly setup all pay items, allowances, superannuation, deductions and tax settings
  • Enter leave balances and accrual rates
  • Customise your payslips with your business logo
  • Setup STP and connect Xero to the ATO

Your payroll system will be fully STP and Fairwork Australia compliant. From this point, we will show you how to process payruns and update everything yourself


Professional training is very important so you know how to use your new Xero Payroll system.

During phone or Zoom training, we will show you how to:

  • Enter or change your employee information
  • Add a new employee
  • Process your payruns
  • Email Payslips
  • Lodge STP to the ATO
  • Fix a previous incorrect pay
  • Calculate your superannuation each period

Xero Payroll is very easy to use. Once you have had training, you will find payroll a pleasure to complete

Two weeks complimentary phone support after training is included

Contact us now to book in your implementation and training