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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

What services do Bookkeeping Relief offer?

We offer training, new software setups, conversions from one software package to another, BAS Check and Lodge, fixed price Business Support Packages and more. Check out our Services page

Can you come and meet me at my office?

Our initial meeting can be at your office or our office in Tullamarine. .

Who do I contact if I have an urgent enquiry?

Contact Julie on 0419 587 789

Can you do bookkeeping at our premises or does it have to be in the cloud?

Our Business Support Packages have been designed around bookkeeping in the cloud using a suite of cloud products to enable the prices to be as low as they can be so that every business owner can afford to stay on top of their BAS lodgements.

If you require onsite bookkeeping, we can discuss this and work out a pricing structure for you. The most cost effective method is cloud processing; however, we do cater for all processing types.

What is Receipt Bank?

Receipt Bank stores and converts your paper invoices and receipts into online transactions. It partially codes the paperwork and then attaches a digital copy of the receipt or invoice to the correct transaction in your software program.

You can use a free app on your phone to take a photo of the receipt, press ‘Upload for Processing’ and then destroy the document. Receipt Bank enables us to complete your processing with more efficiency and accuracy. You can effectively sell those filing cabinets and go paperless.

Can my accountant just do the bookkeeping when he/she does the tax?

The short answer is yes. Accountants are able to do bookkeeping. Accountants specialize in taxation and wealth management. They do a great job at minimizing your company/personal tax payable.

However, they do not enjoy bookkeeping. Most of them will rush through it just to get the accounts ready for them to prepare tax. They can do BAS lodgments but again, this is not their specialty. Using an accountant to prepare your BAS lodgments and bookkeeping is a bit like getting the design engineer to build your garage.

He may be able to do it. But he would much rather spend his time on design. The design may be perfect, but the end job might be less than perfect. BAS agents are BAS specialists and accountants are tax specialists.

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